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Base section, bolt, boom, boom angle, pendulum, boom extension, boom nose, boom pivot, boom retraction, boom telescope cylinder, boom telescope holding valve, carrier jib collector ring, control - fly telescope, control - lift, control handle lockout, control valve bank, control valve bank valve, counterbalance valve, counterweight, cylinder, extension carrier, fifth wheel cradle, fly section, hoist, hoist motor, hoist rotation, hoist selector, hoist selector valve, hoist speed selector, hook block, hook pintle, inner mid telescope, jack cylinder check valve, jib, jib carrier, lift cylinder, lift cylinder holding valve, limit anti two-block, load moment indicator, lockout oscillation axle, lockout valve, orbit motor, outer mid telescope cylinder, outrigger, outrigger extension cylinder, outrigger floats, outrigger floats, outrigger jack cylinder, outrigger selector solenoid, positive swing lock, roller, rooster sheave head, slew ring, slip ring, strainer, swing bearing, swing box, swing box hydraulic, swing box mechanical, swing brake, swing pinion, swing solenoid, swing warning, telescope cylinder holding valve, telescope cylinder support, turntable bearing, wear pads boom, wear boom, wear outrigger, winch hoist, wire rope.