Coles Cranes

Established in 1879, Coles Cranes as a company ceased trading in 1984, when they were taken over by Grove Cranes. However, there are still many of these cranes still operating around the world today, such as the Husky and Speedcrane.

At we can supply a wide range of parts for your Coles crane. We are able to supply the following parts to name but a few:

  • Engine Spares
  • Clutch Components
  • Airbrake Components
  • Axles Parts
  • Steering and Suspension

Spare-Crane-Parts stock a wide range of Coles Crane Parts, including some parts which have been discontinued We supply everything from king pins and foot brake valves to gearboxes from manufacturers such as Clayton, Eaton, GKN and Dana Spicer. Please enquire below to see if we have your product in stock.

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635, 820, 830, 911, 920, 925, 980, 6000, 10/12 Hydra Truck, 10/12T Truck, 12/14 14T, 12/14T, 12/14T 4x4, 120T, 120T Husky, 120T Truck, 12T Husky, 13/17T, 13/17T Truck, 15/17 TCC Husky, 15/17TCC, 150T, 150T Husky, 150T Truck, 16/17T, 16722 Railcrane, 18/20, 18/20T, 18/22 TSC, 18/22 TSC Husky, 18/22T, 18/22TCC, 1820 Hydramobile, 20 Ton, 20/22 Mobile, 20/22 T, 20/25TSC Husky, 23/25 TSC, 23/25TC, 25/28, 25/28 Supertruck, 25/28 TSC, 25/28 TSC Husky, 25/28T, 25/28T Truck, 25/30T, 30/30T, 30/33 Hydra, 30/33T, 30/35T, 300T Hydra, 33/36T, 36/40 Husky, 36/40 TSC, 36/40 TSC Husky, 36/40TSC Husky, 40/45T, 408 Jumbo, 412/415 Jumbo, 45/50 TSC, 45/50 TSC Husky, 45/50T, 45/50T MK2, 45/50T Truck, 45/50TSC, 50 Ton, 515 Transit, 525 Transit, 528S, 54/60, 54/60T, 5T, 6/40 TSC, 615 Husky, 620 Husky, 625 Husky, 625S Husky, 635 Husky, 635S, 6T, 6T Speedcrane, 7/9T Speedcrane, 70T, 7T Speedcrane, 80/88T, 80/88T Truck, 820 Supertruck, 825 gauges, 830 Super Truck, 830S, 835 Supertruck, 9/10T, 9/10T Speed Crane, 920 HM, 920 Mobile, Colossus L-5000 Truck Mounted Unit, DE 2524, Emperor, Endurance, Gargantua, Huskey 150T, HUSKY 620, Hydra 150, Hydra 300, Hydra 70, Hydra Husky, Hydramobile 911, Illustrious, LH1000, LH1000-Pedestal, LH300, LH35, LH80/100, LT-400 Truck Mounted, M50, MC350 Ranger, Ranger Rail 15514, Ranger Rail 18202, RT 628S, RT625, RT625S, Supertruck 835 36.5T, T5F